Friday, June 27, 2014

little journals ...

Over on what I call the "Big Blog" I have some pondering on journals and what I am doing right now, but here I wanted to show something else that I have done in some journals.

In a moment of madness I looked at a spice bottle that I was using to add spice to something I was making.  Expiration date 2006!!!  I looked at some others. They were more recent, but out of date nonetheless.  So $150 later I had replaced most everything in my spice drawer.

Everyone who knows me (see the Big Blog for more) knows how hard it is for me to throw things away, so I rounded up the most likely suspects and made pastes that I smeared on journal pages....

The look really great, don't they?  I think they could be used this way with some gel medium on them, however, 

after sitting 24 hours and then being rinsed,  there are still some interesting colors on those pages.  No mordant used, so who knows what will happen to them next, but some of these oldiesI bagged up and kept when the new ones came in.  

When I slide over the edge, someone is going to find those plastic bags of million year old spices and wonder exactly WHAT I was thinking. Right??